Outsider Poetry In the Afternoon

Walked by the Midway and saw the fire department was there again. The building has been condemned for several months, and maybe they are now complying with fire codes and such. I know they’re trying to put rental units in there. I walked by on my way to get oranges and mushy bananas and cottage cheese, and for some reason I have been considering beans a treat when I am here at the apartment.

I have been writing a little bit of poetry lately. A few starts to poems, few finishes, but maybe I’m starting to write again. I have been trying to read on the exercise bike, mostly Rod McKuen, but I need to order the Best American Poetry from last year, because soon this year’s will be out.

Bought a two liter bottle of Coke, which is a mistake. I have been drinking too much soda lately. I want to write some of these Outsider Poetry blogs for the Outsider Poetry Slam League of America, then work on a poem titled “Brown Dwarf.”

I was named to the Outsider Poetry Slam All Star Team last week. I don’t normally think of myself as a slam poet, so I was honored. Also, I learned that I had been traded to the Chemung Shamans. I have enjoyed my time on the Rockford Pages slam team, and I love Rockford poetry, but it’s time for me to take my talents to the Catskills. And finish this glass of water, and hopefully get somewhere near 250 words.

Hell with it, let’s go for three hundred. I have all afternoon and the evening to finish these dumb things. Added twenty ounces of silver today. I guess I’ll have to sell my Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things poster to pay for it. Maybe I’ll watch the movie later. Probably shouldn’t link to anything after that. I listened to a bunch of Fugs songs last night on Spotify, and since I can’t play my vinyl records I like to listen to them online. I never understood people who are convinced vinyl records have some sort of more human quality than digital files, especially when these new vinyl records are almost all made from digital files anyway.

Bought a new Gold’s Gym exercise band at Walmart last night. I keep breaking them in about three months. I guess that’s the life expectancy of one of those. See you later.


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