Sheboygan Syllablists Outsider Poetry Slam Team

Welcome to the Sheboygan Syllablists Outsider Poetry slam team page. Here you will find bios, schedules, event reminders, pictures of our slammers, and poetry by your Sheboygan Syllablists Outsider Poetry Slam team as they try to bring the coveted National Slam Poetry federation Cup back to Sheboygan.


100_2772 (1)
Sheboygan Syllablist’s team captain Scrunto. Master of the haiku. Has won over 275 slam contests and never spoken more than 12 seconds.

Perri Dox

She’s mysterious, she’s inscrutable, she she works at a laundromat, but in her spare time she’s one of the most cunning linguists in the Midwest. Number 69 Perri Dox. 

Chill Will Massengill

hqdefault (2)
We’re lucky to have Chill Will Massengill on our team this year. We may find him absent from the team bus once or twice during fishing season, but when you need a limerick in a pinch, Chill Will’s your guy.

Upcoming Schedule

May 14th v Paducah Plain Speakers Home

May 31 v Rancho Cucamonga Kookamungas Away

June 3rd v Kokomo Oralists Away

June 14th v Minooka TBT

June 31st National Outsider Poetry Slam Championship at Madison Square Garden




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